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All of our procedures and policies are overseen by a medical director, designed to make sure you are receiving the treatment you require in a safe manner. Every single one of our treatment plans has been designed and continued to be reviewed by a licensed physician. 
Medical Director
Dr. Michelle Wiener, MD

Dr. Michelle Wiener is a board certified Emergency Medicine Physician with over 13 years of clinical experience.  She obtained her Master’s degree at the University of Michigan in Cellular, Molecular and Developmental Biology while completing her medical degree at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.  This gave her a unique perspective on the effect that various vitamins and minerals have on our signaling pathways and organ systems.  Dr. Wiener believes in a holistic approach to health and has helped to develop an IV program that supplements diet and exercise to optimize peak performance, recovery, and replace deficiencies that lead to aging and immune dysfunction.

Dedicated Nursing Staff


Every member of our nursing staff has years of experience in critical care settings, and each one has started thousands of IV's. This required background ensures you have a safe and comfortable experience. Once your infusion begins, they will be there to monitor you every step of the way.


Joe is an IV Nurse Specialist and Co-founder of Detroit IV Experience.  He has over 18 years of experience as a field medic and emergency department nurse in a busy level 1 trauma center.  He has extensive training in establishing IV access, caring for acutely ill patients, and nursing instruction.  He believes in wellness through prevention and that the cornerstone of any business should be based on outstanding patient experience and service.

Joe Cencioni, RN
Tracy Dolan, RN
Maddy Moralee, RN
Leslie Ancona, RN
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